Drug & Alcohol Free Housing

Helping our clients learn to help themselves. It’s critical to our operating philosophy, and is immediately evident in our sober living facilities. With eight alcohol and drug free homes owned and operated by Second Chance in the San Diego area, residents can be housed in a supportive environment as they transition to permanent employment and housing. They learn to care appropriately for their living space as on-site residential managers oversee tenant and property maintenance at each house. 

Proud member and certified by the Sober Living Network

Proud member and certified by the Sober Living Network


These facilities have made a huge difference for San Diegans in need and we currently have plans to more than double our capacity for affordable housing by expanding and adding additional homes.  In addition to our outstanding facilities, Second Chance offers a variety of programs, including the Affordable Housing Connections Program, assisting individuals and families with such services as “Rent Readiness” assessments, identification of listings for qualified renters, referrals for transitional housing and treatment facilities, and networking with local property managers and landlords.  These services, coupled with those offered via the close collaboration with St. Vincent de Paul and the other agencies comprising the Solutions Consortium of Care Partnership, provide a solid base for San Diegans in need.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Woods at 619-839-0938