Many of the individuals who come to Second Chance need a little more than a chance.

  • Some are homeless and need rent assistance

  • Some need bus passes to aid in their job search

  • Some need a voucher so they may purchase nutritious meals

  • Some have received a job offer but need work suits or specialized uniforms and equipment to start their new careers.

  • Although Second Chance is able to provide most participants with professional clothing, some may need to purchase a suit or shoes to wear to job interviews.

  • Some need financial assistance to obtain their driver's license, birth certificate, ID card or other legal documents.


The $599 Club is a pooled fund restricted to providing participants, graduates and residents the support they need to be successful as they work towards self-sufficiency.

HOW TO join the $599 club:

Choose the "$599 Club" option on the Donation page or call Maureen at 619-839-0953. 


Text "599club" to 41444 to make a secure mobile donation of any amount to this restricted fund.

Previously, the $599 Club provided one month's rent, a monthly bus pass and food vouchers valued at $599. Rising costs, and recognition of other needs resulted in the redesign of this popular donor club.