Labor Day, how will you celebrate?

Every year, on the first Monday of September, our nation recognizes the contribution workers have made to the strength and prosperity of this country. With all the advertisements for furniture, clothing, food and even cars, I wonder how many of us really be celebrating Labor Day. Will you celebrate your personal contribution to the workforce? Will you take a minute to appreciate the employment opportunities you have or have had? Will you help support someone struggling to find work – someone struggling to become self-sufficient?

Job Readiness Training serves as the centerpiece of Second Chance’s adult programs, having helped thousands of San Diego residents find work and build pathways to self-sufficiency.  Seventy percent of our graduates are employed four months after graduating and two years later, 70% of that group is still employed!

Upon graduation from our Job Readiness Training program, participants receive support in implementing the strategies presented in the classroom to secure and retain employment. We provide two years of formal follow-up case management and a lifetime of alumni support thereafter. During follow-up, participants are supported in their transition to the demands of the workplace and assisted in building careers with higher wages, better benefits and clear pathways to promotions.

Second Chance creates opportunities for people to transform their own lives through programs that provide job readiness and life skills training, job placement, prisoner re-entry services, relapse prevention and sober-living housing for adults and youth in need.

On this Labor Day weekend, celebrate by helping someone become part of the workforce. Make a donation to Second Chance.