Second Chance- Michele Zousmer

“I want to make the invisible, visible.
I want to give the voiceless a voice” 

Over the past 15 years of her career, “Photojournalist for Social Change” Michele Zousmer has used her camera to do just that, having traveled to more than 60 countries including Nepal, Tibet, Namibia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Peru and India, photographing diverse populations. 

Michele spent a year and a half working in the Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility with women in a reentry program, gaining their trust and friendship. She quickly felt a strong connection with the ladies, and used her camera to tell their stories.  She describes them as strong women who have faced difficult situations many of us cannot even imagine.

Michele has generously donated some of her photographs to Second Chance. “I am privileged to have Second Chance use my images to help put a face to their important work.”

The photos are 22 x 16 and are mounted on ½-inch Gatorboard, which eliminates the need for mattes and frames. If you would like to purchase one of Michele’s remarkable photos for your own collection, or donate one to Second Chance, please contact Maureen at The cost per photo is $150.00 with all proceeds benefitting Second Chance.

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