Our adult programs help at-risk men and women acquire the skills and attitudes needed to find
sustainable employment and become valuable contributors to their families, employers and communities.


Job Readiness Training provides four weeks of pre-employment attitudinal and soft-skill training, job search, job placement assistance and post-placement services to lead people to permanent employment and self-sufficiency.

Reentry Programs for Formerly Incarcerated in San Diego

Reentry Court

Each year, more than nine million people cycle through local jails and more than 700,000 are released from state and federal prison. Reentry programs are designed to assist incarcerated individuals with a successful transition to their community.

San Diego Reentry Court


Second Chance Job Centers prepare inmates for their return back to the community. Six months before their release, participants learn how to use a computer, email, write resumes, practice interview skills, as well as find and apply for jobs online. 

Prison Reentry Programs in San Diego