Mass Reduction of California Prison Population Didn’t Cause Rise in Crime, Two Studies Find

After California’s prison population reached the crisis stage of overcrowding — with some prisons at 300 percent capacity — the state in 2011 began to parole thousands of inmates to their original counties. Within 15 months, more than 27,500 inmates had been “realigned” from state prisons to county jails or to parole in what was called “an act of mass forgiveness unprecedented in U.S. history.” This led to the understandable fear that suddenly returning thousands of convicts to the streets would cause a spike in crime.  It hasn’t happened.

Labor Day, how will you celebrate?

Every year, on the first Monday of September, our nation recognizes the contribution workers have made to the strength and prosperity of this country. With all the advertisements for furniture, clothing, food and even cars, I wonder how many of us really be celebrating Labor Day. Will you celebrate your personal contribution to the workforce? Will you take a minute to appreciate the employment opportunities you have or have had? Will you help support someone struggling to find work – someone struggling to become self-sufficient?

Meet Piper Kerman

Piper Kerman, the woman behind the hit Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black” and author of Orange is the New Black: My Year in Women’s Prison, will serve as Second Chance’s keynote speaker this fall for its Oct. 17 benefit. So, exactly who is Piper Kerman? What is her connection to Second Chance? Allow us to connect the dots for you! 

The Real Story Behind Orange is the New Black with Piper Kerman

We are thrilled to announce that Piper Kerman, author of the memoir, Orange is the New Black: My Year in Women’s Prison, will serve as keynote speaker at our highly anticipated event this fall. Second Chance is hosting “Orange is the New Black: The Real Story with Piper Kerman” on October 17, 2015 at Qualcomm Hall, with all proceeds benefiting Second Chance.