San Diego County Reentry Court

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Second Chance, in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego, Department of Psychiatry, provides outpatient alcohol and drug treatment, case management, mental health counseling and drug testing services to offenders who have been referred to Reentry Court. Reentry Court is a court-supervised program with comprehensive treatment and case management for non-violent offenders who:

  • As a result of a substance-induced and/or co-occurring mental health disorder illness, enter into the criminal justice system, and are at further risk to go through jails and/or subsequently into prisons;

  • Have substance-induced and/or co-occurring mental health disorder illnesses, and who fail to successfully complete terms of probation/parole;

  • Have substance-induced and/or co-occurring mental health disorder illnesses, and could be diverted from jails into treatment.

The length of the program is a minimum of 18 months (up to 3 years), divided into five phases, each with a specific focus, level of intensity and required services. The five phases include: first phase will help establish abstinence and begin the process of recovery; second phase will further participants’ recovery and establish ongoing sobriety; third and fourth phases will be continuous practice to solidify skills learned in the first two phases. A six-month aftercare period includes support services and an alumni group.

Our focus - our mission - is to help individuals, no matter what their background, become self-sufficient, thus enhancing public safety in San Diego. Reentry programs such as this collaborative effort, address a variety of issues facing those with criminal records by utilizing the expertise of law enforcement and community organizations. We are proud to contribute to the success of, and restore hope to, individuals wanting and willing to live a productive life.
— Robert Coleman, President & CEO of Second Chance