Youthful Offender Rehabilitation Program

YORP uses evidence-based curricula and cognitive behavioral training and interventions to aid incarcerated youth.  The program is designed to meet the needs of the county’s most severe and chronic juvenile offenders.  Approximately 10% of the juvenile offender population has either failed out of the county’s other programs or has committed a level of crime that necessitates an extended period of incarceration; this group of youth are part of the Youthful Offender Unit (YOU).

                          East Mesa Youthful Offender Unit

                          East Mesa Youthful Offender Unit

Our counselors work with the young men and women of YOU (at East Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility and Kearny Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility) delivering powerful, evidence -based, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Topics such as Substance Abuse, Healthy Relationships, Prostitution, Anger Management and Victim Awareness are covered during their maximum 480-day stay.  In addition to the group programming, each youth is assigned a counselor who works with their individual case plan.  Upon release into the community the same counselor continues to meet with them weekly until they are terminated from probation. 


Youth Offender Rehabilitation Program Recidivism Rates

6 months after termination - 0% ~ 12 months after termination - 4% ~ 18 months after termination - 15%*

* Probation Report, March 31, 2015:
For comparison:  Recidivism for Juvenile Success by Supervision Level – High Risk Wards = 38%